Андрій Карп’юк


СЕО у BIOsens

Андрій Карп’юк- 5 scientific publications of biotech and biosensors;
Researcher in Laboratory of biosensors, NULES;
5th international seminar on the application of nanotechnology (IWANN), Ankara, 2015; 1-st place on 60th Autumn Startup Battle by Startup.Network, 2016;
Best startup pitch on DECODED by Lviv business school, 2016;
Participant of the program «Researcher Connect» by BRITISH COUNCIL, Kyiv, 2017; TOP25 Startups by WiseGuys, 2017;
Winner of Intercontinental Startup Battle, San-Francisco, 2017;

Тема доповіді: “Як продати ідею стартапу за 30 секунд?”

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